Regular Tour

Do you want to be an NFL player? Do you want to measure how great of a football player you are? This tour will give you the opportunity to have a special experience.

Here are some of what we experienced on our three stadium tours,

In the first half of the stadium tour, you will have a guided tour of the suites, clubs, and other cool places in the stadium, and you will also learn some stadium facts. Then finally, you will go through the player tunnel onto the field, which is also a very exciting experience.

Once you are on the field, you are free to go to both teams' locker rooms, and you can try out the football physical skills test taking place in half of the field if you want to. Other half of the field was free to play, so some people ran, took pictures, and even brought their footballs to play. There was no time limit on the field.

There are three options for the regular tour as shown below, but since it was early in the season when we took all three stadium tours and Sofi Stadium was just starting to offer tours, we didn't notice much difference between the three options, except that we were given a $15 team store voucher with "All Access". It may be more organized now.

- Standard: $30 / Guided Tour, Tunnel Run, On-Field

- Combination: $39 / Guided Tour, Tunnel Run, Digital Photo, On-Field 

- All Access: $49 / Guided Tour, Tunnel Run, Digital Photo, On-Field, $15 Voucher

On-field Activities:
We encourage you to use the SoFi Stadium Tour app (After you check-in, scan the QR code to launch the website.) because it will keep track of your results in each event and let you know how many places you are among the previous participants.

You can enjoy the following field activities,
- Rams & Chargers Locker Rooms
- Press Conference Rooms
- VIP Lounges (If it's open)
- The Pass
- The Kick
- The Dash
- The Shuttle
- The Jump
- The Catch (Digital Photo)

Useful steps to know:
Parking: Lot N
(Access from Prairie Ave. & Arbor Vitae St..)
Tour Lobby: American Airlines VIP Entry 7
1. Show your ticket and go through the security check.
2. Check-in & Get your badge with a lanyard.
3. Connect your phone to the world's fastest Wi-Fi. #sofistadium
4. Scan the QR code on the sign for the tour, then log in.
5. Walk through the VIP lobby and down the stairs to the 200 level.
6. Enjoy the view of the stadium and Hang around Sec.232/233 until the tour starts.

*Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time.
*Do not bring any type of bags or follow the NFL clear bag policy.


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