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Getting to SoFi Stadium


There are some parking options available at SoFi Stadium. However, if you decide to drive your car to the game, we suggest you start looking for a parking spot right away.

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Rideshare, taxi

If you plan to use a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft, the situation before and after the game will be very different. Especially after the game, using rideshare may not be a good option.

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Public transportation/shuttle Bus

At this point, after the first NFL season with a full capacity attendance, taking public transportation or a shuttle bus to SoFi Stadium may be one of the best options.

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Metro Bus: Local 

If you are heading to SoFi Stadium early before the game, it may be convenient for some people. After the game, the area around Sofi Stadium will be jammed with cars and the buses won't come on time for sure.

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Areas around Los Angeles

Los Angeles (Downtown) to SoFi Stadium: 12 miles
Beverly Hills to SoFi Stadium: 11 miles via La Cienega Blvd.
Santa Monica to SoFi Stadium: 12 miles
Hollywood to SoFi Stadium: 12 miles
Pasadena to SoFi Stadium: 22 miles via 110 fwy

Clear Bag Policy / Prohibited Items

NFL Clear Bag Policy
The NFL has very strict rules for bringing bags into the stadium. Please note that we are only allowed to bring in clear bags or one gallon Ziplock bags that are up to the size specified by the NFL.

Please be especially careful with the size of small handbags, pouches, and clutches. I have seen several people being refused to bring them into the stadium. Even if it is in a clear bag, you will not be allowed to bring it in if it is larger than the specified size.

If you're a smoker...
In my experience, I was allowed to bring in cigarettes and lighters during regular-season games, but during playoff games, I couldn't bring them into the stadium, so I was forced to throw them away on the spot.:)

SoFi Stadium is a 100% smoke-free facility, so please leave them in your vehicle if you are coming by car.

Please visit NFL Clear Bag Policy for more information.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

For the latest information, visit

Hopefully, the next NFL season will be without any restrictions.

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Metro Bus: Local

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Rideshare & Taxi

Rideshare &Taxi   Getting to SoFi Stadium is no problem if you arrive two to three hours before kickoff. But the problem is after the game. The designated rideshare drop-off and pi …

Public Transportation & Shuttle

Public Transportation/Shuttle   ●From/To Metro C Line (Green), Hawthorne & Lennox Station   Metro SoFi Stadium Shuttle (Free) A free shutt …

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