Plan Your Visit at Allegiant Stadium

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Getting to the Stadium

By Car
You will need to reserve a parking space at Allegiant Stadium or one of the MGM Group hotels in the stadium's vicinity at the following website.

Parking at the stadium can cost more than $100, and after the game, there will be traffic jams until you reach the main street.

Parking at the MGM Group hotels is $35-$50 for Raiders games, depending on the event, and it takes about 15-30 minutes to walk to the stadium.

On game days, the area around the stadium is closed to traffic, and one-way streets are restricted, so it is recommended to arrive at the stadium early. Please be aware that parking on the streets around the stadium and unauthorized parking in nearby hotels and office buildings is strictly enforced. The stadium parking lot opens 4 hours before kickoff.

Allegiant Stadium: Parking Reservation


Getting There (Before the game)
When heading to the stadium, if you arrive 2-3 hours before the game starts, it may be relatively easy to get to the designated drop-off location for rideshare (LOT N) and cabs (Diablo Dr. & Procyon St.). However, please be aware of unexpected traffic jams and the fact that the roads around the stadium will indeed become more congested as the time approaches two hours before the start of the game when the stadium opens.

As Allegiant Stadium recommends on its official website, even if you use a rideshare or cab, it may be better to go to the nearby hotels, Luxor Hotel or Mandalay Bay Hotel, and walk to the stadium from there.

Going Home (After the game)
After the game, approximately 60,000 people will return home at once, so the rideshare stands will be very crowded. For rideshare rides, such as Uber, you have to wait in line by number and tell the driver your number in line by message or phone call, which can be difficult if you are not familiar with the language, and the wait time can be quite long. Also, cabs are sure to be in a long queue. So, one idea is to walk back to the Luxor Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, or the Excalibur Hotel, Tropicana Hotel, etc., and take a rideshare or cab from those hotels. 

Public Transportation

No matter which public transportation you use, you are good to go as long as you reach the Mandalay Bay Hotel or the Luxor Hotel. If you stay at a hotel on the north side of the Las Vegas Strip, you can take the double-decker bus DEUCE to the Mandalay Bay Hotel or the Las Vegas Monorail to the MGM Grand and walk from there.

Las Vegas Monorail
RTC Deuce 
RTC Game Day Express

Gate Opening Times

The official Allegiant Stadium website says,
"Raiders Gameday: VIP entries open three (3) hours prior to kickoff. All other entries open two (2) hours prior to kickoff."
However, when we went to the Raiders game, the VIP and general entrances were open at the same time. (We had VVIP tickets.)

Later, I found this "Know Before You Go" page on the official Raiders website, which is more accurate.

Raiders have Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, etc. The game start time is irregular, so please check this page for the information.

NFL Clear Bag Policy

Please be sure to follow the NFL/Allegiant Stadium Clear Bag Policy.


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