Allegiant Stadium Stadium Tours

There are two types of Allegiant Stadium tours with different prices. Prices and tour content may vary, but we hope this information will be helpful.

1. Guided Tour (regular tour, approx. 75 min.)
Fee: $59 (2021 season)

The route may change slightly depending on their situation, but the tour will give you a sense of the stadium's features.

2. Guided Tour & Drink and A View
Fee: $80 (2021 season)

"Drink and A View" is an addition to the regular stadium tour and allows you to relax and enjoy alcoholic and soft drinks in the Coors Light Landing area where the Al Davis Memorial Torch is located on the 200 level. There is no time limit as long as the tour is taking place. You can also have an "interactive souvenir photo" taken with the torch in the background (sized for Instagram, Youtube, etc.). One drink and a souvenir photo are included in the price.

"Limited Field Experience"

When you purchase a tour, some dates are listed as "Limited Field Experience" on the website. This means that for some reason, such as before or after a Raiders game or other event at the stadium, the "on the field" portion of the tour may be limited. Therefore, if your main purpose of the tour is to "stand on the field," please be aware that you may not be able to step onto the field.

You can see the difference in the pictures below.

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