Allegiant Stadium Gameday Guide

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

For the 2021-2022 season, the Raiders required the most stringent Covid-19 Safety protocols in the NFL to ensure a safe visit to the stadium for the fans. 
Please check this link for updates.

Gameday Time Schedule

All Parking Lots Open
: 4 hours prior to kickoff

*MGM & Caesars VIP Entrances Open: 3 hours prior to kickoff
*GA Gates Open: 2 hours prior to kickoff

*Gate Opening Times
According to the "A to Z Guide" on the official Allegiant Stadium website says,
" Raiders Gameday: VIP entries open three (3) hours prior to kickoff. All other entries open two (2) hours prior to kickoff."
However, when we went to the game, the VIP entrance and the general seating entrance seemed to open at the same time.

The Raiders have Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football games, so the schedule may change from the regular schedule due to televising and other reasons. Changes are also possible during the playoffs.

You can find updated information on the "Know Before You Go" page on the Raiders' official website, so be sure to check there before you go to the game.

Gates & Entries

Allegiant Stadium has five outside gate entries.
- Ford North Entry  *Wynn Field Club Entry
- Caesars Rewards East VIP Entry
- South East Entry
- South West Entry
- MGM Resorts West VIP Entry

I lined up at the VIP gate and got asked to show my ticket to the attendant, so you may not be able to enter through the VIP gate unless you have a VIP ticket.
Once you pass through the security check and have your ticket scanned, you are free to walk around the perimeter of the stadium.

And there are four entrances into the stadium building.
- North Entry: All seating
- South Entry: All seating
- Caesars Rewards East VIP Entry: VVIP112, C109 - C115, E.Suite, E Lodge, 
- MGM Resorts West VIP Entry: VVIP134, C131 - C137, W Suite, W Lodge,

Bag Check

Allegiant Stadium offers bag checks at two locations, on the north and the west side of the stadium. Bag check opens from gate opening time until one hour after the game.
North Bag Check 
West Bag Check


Printouts and screenshots will not be accepted at entry for NFL games.
Instead, new tickets come with a unique, technology-enabled moving barcode that refreshes every few seconds. Or, if you have that ticket in your phone's wallet, you're good to go.

Access to each floor/level

The 100- and 300-level concourses allow visitors to walk around the stadium, regardless of ticket category. However, the 200 level has suites and lodge seatings, so there are areas that you cannot walkthrough.

All escalators in the stadium are "up" only before the game, so please use the elevators, stairs, or the ramp on the south side if you want to go down to the lower level.


According to the document, there are 1,700 WiFi access points in Allegiant Stadium, providing a comfortable WiFi environment. In most stadiums, the connection speed slows down as the number of spectators increases, and eventually, it becomes unreliable. However, the WiFi and phone connectivity were excellent when I went to the Raiders game.
Network: Allegiant Stadium WiFi by Cox


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